Fort Conquer

Fort Conquer 1.2.1

Fantasy tower defense game with monsters

Fort Conquer is a tower defense game that mixes elements of role playing card games to produce a fun and original experience.

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  • Crisp graphics and smooth animation
  • Original concept
  • Fun to play
  • Lots of original creatures


  • Arena mode guilty of mis-matching opponents
  • Impossible to get very far without payment

Not bad

Fort Conquer is a tower defense game that mixes elements of role playing card games to produce a fun and original experience.

What's Fort Conquer about?

The object of Fort Conquer is to defend your castle from wave after wave of monsters who march towards it. To do this, you have a troop of your own monsters who you must strategically launch into battle to overthrow the invaders.

Your monsters appear in the form of cards, each with their own attributes for specific abilities (attack, speed, range, etc.) You choose a set number of monsters from your card collection for each level and must call upon the right one at the right time in order to defeat the enemy.

As you progress through Fort Conquer you build up coins and points which you can use to purchase new cards, upgrade your tower, or 'evolve' your creatures, which involves blending the skills of two together to create a super-beast.

Playing Fort Conquer is a lot of fun in the beginning. It's an original concept and it's exciting to watch the monsters battle it out with each other. However, before too long it becomes impossible to play without purchasing new cards and upgrades since your powers just aren't strong enough.

Fort Conquer includes an online multiplayer Arena mode, which gets unlocked after stage five of the game. This is more tactical and would be fun to play were it not for the poor matching of online opponents. You invariably get someoone with a much higher level than you, which means you have no chance (or vice versa).

How to play Fort Conquer

Fort Conquer is pretty easy to pick up and start playing. Before each level you select which beasts you want to use for that stage. Then, once the action starts you can place them into battle simply by dragging the card onto the appropriate track of the battlefield, ready for them to tough it out, which they do automatically when they meet. A small energy bar next to each monster shows you how much life they've got left.

Of course, you can't simply place unlimited monsters onto the battlefield, and you need to wait a few seconds after you send each one in, for them to regenerate.

How does it look?

Though not stunning, the graphics in Fort Conquer are attractive enough. The monsters are imaginative and the way they move is beautifully animated. Everything is quite small though and we missed the option to be able to zoom in and really appreciate the battles up close.

The dance music soundtrack that accompanies Fort Conquer doesn't really fit the style of a fantasy game in my opinion, but nevertheless it sounds nice and makes for an upbeat accompaniment to the on-screen action.

The verdict

Fort Conquer is an original tower defense game that is great fun to start with but becomes impossible to continue unless you get your wallet out.

Fort Conquer


Fort Conquer 1.2.1

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